Furnace Repair Hamilton

Polcomfort is the leading heating, air conditioning, furnace repair, and cooling solutions provider in Hamilton. We've been providing HVAC services to our Hamilton customers for years now, and our expert technicians are made up of leading specialists in HVAC maintenance and repair.

We can take care of all your heating, cooling, and HVAC system needs no matter what the work entails. Our technicians are on call 7 days a week to make sure your home in Hamilton is looked after as soon as possible.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our heating/cooling services. Our Hamilton-based company can also give you a free quote on any of the work you might need, whether it's installing a new furnace or servicing your water boiler.

Our team is full of safety experts, and their work can grant you peace of mind in the confidence that your home HVAC system is safe and operational, and that the job gets done right the first time around.

We provide a wide range of heating/cooling services to our customers, so no matter what you need, let our company take care of it.

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Furnace Repair Hamilton

Rather than installing a new furnace, you might just need to get your current furnace repaired. There are plenty of different makes and models out there, and our Hamilton team is capable of providing repair service to them all.

When your furnace system breaks down and needs repair, you shouldn't waste time contacting our professional technicians. The more time you wait, the more dangerous your furnace becomes. That's why our company can provide emergency furnace repair. We want to make sure that your family is safe, so let our technician team help you out if it breaks down.

Our priority is to provide you with everything you need to reach a level of comfort and safety; something that you wouldn't have without a great heating and cooling system. This is a goal that our Hamilton company is committed to.

Our company offers the best furnace repair and our customers' reviews back that up. We service all kinds of furnace systems, no matter what goes wrong or what type of furnace you have.

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Furnace repairs and maintenance services to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. GET A QUOTE


Central humidifier

Jack did Impeccable work. Very organized, respectful and cleaned up after himself. Very knowledgeable and gave great tips to keep the house at optimum level of comfort.

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HVAC system cleaning and calibration

Fully professional service from Mr Jack from PolComfort. Extra knowledgeable and polite professional. Would answer all of your questions and recommend you what’s the best for your specific needs. Etremely caring and super clean at work at a very competitive price! Thank you Polcomfort- will definitely go back in the future.


Thermostat and humidifier installation

Jack is very professional and take his time to do proper work. Very happy with his services. Highly recommend . Reasonable prices.



Fast and reliable service for a great price. Very professional!!! Arrived at my place as scheduled, left the place clean. Always helpful at any time. Strongly recommended!!!!!


Read Our Five-Star Reviews

Our company is the best heating solution and service provider in Ontario, and our reviews back that up. Much of that accolade has to do with the approach that every single technician takes to their work. We're all committed to comfort and safety, and everything that our team does is going to reflect that.

Whether you're having a small issue with your furnace, or something much more severe, you're getting a guarantee of quality when you choose our company. We're experts in all of your furnace repair, heating, air conditioning, and much more. No matter what maintenance work you need, let us take care of it.

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Over the years of providing heating, air conditioning, and water services to Hamilton, we've got all kinds of questions from our customers. We've decided to take a few of the common ones we get and put them down below for you to have a look at. If there are any heating/air conditioning questions that we don't cover, don't hesitate to give us a phone call.

  • Are you an accredited business?

    Our business is not yet an accredited business by the better business bureau; we do have an A+ rating on the site, however.

  • What does HVAC stand for?

    HVAC is an acronym, and it stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It references everything in your home that relates to the heating and cooling systems you have installed.

  • Can your company provide plumbing service?

    No, our technicians don't perform any plumbing work, unfortunately. While we do install plumbing related systems like a water boiler, we do now carry out regular plumbing repairs or plumbing installation.

  • How do I know if I need repairs?

    If your heating system needs repairs, the chances are that you're going to notice. Your home's comfort is going to be affected, you're not going to be able to heat it up or cool it down, there might be a leak or the system might not turn on at all. No matter what you're facing, our technicians can help you out.

  • Should I get regular maintenance?

    Yes, you should get regular maintenance on all of your home HVAC systems. These HVAC systems are operating with a dangerously high amount of power and natural gases, so you want to ensure that nothing is wrong with them for the sake of your family's safety. Plus, when you have them regularly maintained, they can last much longer. Give us a phone call, and we can have our HVAC experts out to service your HVAC unit in no time at all.

  • How long is a service or repair going to take?

    Your service shouldn't take too long at all. If you're worried about the time, you can call us, and we can let you know what to expect. A service is just going to make sure that everything is working perfectly and fixing up any minor issues we might find.

    On the other hand, a repair job is going to take longer depending on the severity of the damage. Heating, air conditioning, or furnace repair could take 10 minutes, or it could take a few hours. It all depends on what actually needs to be repaired.

  • Should I get a furnace or fireplace?

    What HVAC system you get ultimately depends on your situation and your preference. Some people would rather use a furnace, whereas some prefer the aesthetic that a fireplace provides. If you give our team a call, they can run you through the difference between a furnace and a fireplace, as well as which is right for you.

Furnace Installation, Hamilton, Ontario

As well as providing maintenance and service work on your furnace, we're also available for all of your furnace installation needs. Whether you're getting a furnace for the first time or you think it's time for an upgrade, our professional technicians in Hamilton are on-hand to get the job done (and done right!)

If you need furnace installation, then give our Hamilton company a call. We've available 10 hours a day to take care of all your furnace installation needs. We can provide you with a free quote as well as help guide you through buying your first furnace system for your Hamilton home.

Best Furnace Repair, Hamilton, Ontario

We provide oil furnace repair in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as gas furnace repair service and everything in between. If it provides heat, we can work on it! Make sure you give us a call for a free quote if your furnace is in need of a service.

Air Conditioning Services, Hamilton

Of course, a furnace heater is only one side of the comfort coin in Hamilton. There are going to be times when rather than needing to heat up your home; you're going to need to cool it down. That's what our air conditioning installation services are here for.

The best way to achieve the utmost comfort in your home is to get a new heating and air conditioning system. That's a need that our professional technicians can take care of.

We've got the best air conditioner installation team in all of Hamilton, as well as Ontario. Every single one of our professional technicians in Hamilton is fully trained, qualified, and experienced in all aspects of your heating system needs.

They can help you get the most out of your home. With the installation of a great air conditioning and heating system, you're going to live in the lap of luxury in Hamilton from here on out.

We can take care of everything from the installation right down to and maintenance and issues your systems might face in the future. We're here to help you and your family not just in the installation phase, but throughout your time in Hamilton. No matter what heat system you have, whether it's gas, oil, or water, we're going to have repair solutions for every issue.

Offering A Wide Range Of Services In Hamilton

Furnace maintenance, air conditioners, water boilers, and more, all fall under our umbrella of expertise, so let us take care of you and your family.

Our Hamilton team is always looking to provide you with the best new innovations in home comfort, as well as providing repairs for all of your day-to-day heating needs. There's not one single issue that our team can't repair, so don't worry about any unfixable issues. Worst case scenario, we can provide you with a replacement, but that's an unlikely event!

Even if you don't know what the issue with your system is, give us a phone call. Our HVAC team can come out and perform some routine maintenance to troubleshoot the issue. If you're having doubts, read through our online reviews that prove just how dedicated we are to you and your family's utmost comfort.

We can give you a full service on your air conditioners, repair your water boiler, provide you with furnace maintenance, help you install a gas fireplace, and more. No matter what vision you have for your home, let us help you achieve it.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Repairs

You might need a furnace repair or there might be a problem with your air conditioner. Worst case scenario, there's an issue with your heating and air conditioning. No matter what maintenance or repair service you need, our Hamilton team is on call 24 hours a day for all your needs. Think of us as your one-stop HVAC shop! All you have to do is call us and we can get back to you with a quote on whatever repair service you might need in Hamilton.

Heating, Air Conditioning & Comfort

Our company has been dealing in the business of comfort for years now. It's literally in our name! The number one way you can improve the comfort in your home is through the installation of a heating and cooling system. This gives you full control over the temperature of your home. You can keep yourself comfortable in the summer, winter, or any other time of the year.

The outside climate doesn't matter when you have a proper heating and cooling system, and we all know that is a big deal when it comes to Hamilton. The cold seasons can last for a long time, and without a heating system, that's going to make your home very uncomfortable. It's not just about bringing in heat, though. Sometimes you need a system to help cool your house down during the summer; that's where our air conditioning comes in.

Let Us Take Care Of You

Having a heating and air conditioning system is going to ensure you have full control over your home's climate at all times. You're never going to be too hot or too cold. By investing in our HVAC services and air conditioning system, you're going to give yourself a level of comfort that is completely unrivalled.

We can take care of the furnace and air conditioner installation for you, as well as alternative systems like a hot water heater. No matter what heating system you want, our technicians can help you realize that comfort. If you're in Hamilton and you're not sure what heating system you want to use, whether it be a furnace, a hot water heater, or anything else, feel free to give us a call. Our team is going to be more than helpful to walk you through the process and can provide you with great suggestions and recommendations.

Emergency Furnace Repair, Hamilton

Here at Polcomfort, we're committed to two things: safety and comfort. When you get one of our home services, that's exactly what you're getting. All of our HVAC services are going to be carried out to the highest professional standard, ensuring your home is both safer and more comfortable than it ever has been before. Phone us, and we can get back to you with a free quote within 24 hours, as well as the different payment options available.

We want our maintenance to be as affordable as possible while still maintaining a great world-class quality, which is why we give the people of Hamilton, Ontario, a range of different payment options to meet their needs. Plus, our team is on call 24/7 for all of your emergency repairs, whether that's a major issue with your gas line, or something else. We're always looking for new and improved ways to provide you with unrivalled comfort, so phone us and let us see what we can do.